Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Thank you to Katherine B for sending me this today.
I had no idea there was a clip for this song.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Here's a mix for Valentines Day.
Not for the lovers, but for all the broken hearts out there.

Here's some songs to get you through the night.

Lonely Hearts Club Band

1. Nina Simone - 'Feelin Good'
2. Virgil Griffin & Rhythm Kings - 'Forgotten Lover'
3. Santo and Johnny - 'Summertime'
4. Ricky Nelson - 'Lonesome Town'
5. The Seeds - 'Can't Seem To Make You Mine'
6. The Missing Links - 'So Far Away'
7. Delroy Wilson - 'Don't Know Why'
8. Holly Golightly - 'Slowly But Surely'
9. The Cryin Shames - 'Please Stay'
10. Keith & Tex - 'Tonight'
11. Obray Ramsey -'Rain and Snow'
12. Pete Molinari (feat The Jordanaires) - 'Guilty'
13. Wilson Pickett - 'If You Need Me'
14. Duke Ellingtone -'In A Sentimental Mood'
15. Phylis Dillon - 'Things Of The Past'
16. Betty Lavette - 'Let Me Down Easy'
17. BB King - 'The Thrill Is Gone'
18. Pete Molinari -'I Don't Like The Man That I Am'
19. Holly Golightly - 'There's An End'
20. King Creosote - 'Just After 11 She Left'

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