Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dusty Fingers FBI 94.5 FM - 23rd June

1. For Your Love - Monty
2. Come To The Village - Belles Will Ring
3. Village Of Love - The Detroit Cobras
4. Heart Of Stone - The Rolling Stones
6. Can't Seem To Make You Mine - The Seeds
7. I've Got To Let You Go - The Courtmen
8. All The Kids - Deep Sea Arcade
9. Clouds - Songs
10. Fredag - Dungen
11. Runaway Houses, City, Clouds - Tame Impala
12. A Sad Song - Ten Years After
13. Stay Away Girl - Greenhornes
14. Born Under A Bad Sign - Jimi Hendrix
15. Through My Eyes - The Creation
16. There's Nothin In The Water - Cloud Control
17. Happy Together - Frank Alamo
18. Ana - Los Saicos
19. Mary Mary - Los Yetis
20. Efectos - Los Teddys
21. Lonely Star - Los Saicos
22. Curato Oscuro - Los Zheros
23. Biya Bar-e Safar Bandim - Mohammud Nouri
24. Stone Folk - The Advancement
25. Mee Bee - Hedzoleh
26. The New West - Spindrift
27. Ecstasy Once Told Me (Demo) - Los Sundowners
28. 6=5 - Kill Devil Hills
29. Cookie - The Mess Hall
30. The Shadow Knows - Link Wray
31. Psychedelic Mood - Piero Picconi

Monday, July 26, 2010


It's funny a lot of people don't know the impact Australian Punk bands had on the world.
One day i went to see a Q&A with Don Letts. For those of you who don't know the name.
Don Letts is one of the first Punk DJ's in London. He's family were Jamaican, but he was raised in London. His cross pollinated upbringing gave him a vast knowledge of English and Jamaican music and culture. He pretty much single handedly was responsible for fusing the marriage between Punk and Reggae in England. Bands like The Clash for example, owe a lot to Don Letts.
There were a lot of Punk bands around, but none of them had cut a record yet and it was still a little early to define it into name or title. Lyrically the closest thing to what these bands were singing about was Reggae. Jamaica was in a state of political unrest, similar to Thatcher Era England. So lyrics about Revolution and Change were things that resonated well with the English. It's one of the most perfect examples of a beautiful cultural exchange.

But the one exchange that is completely left out of the history books is this one.
Don Letts, amongst his many Reggae records owned one 7 inch that he bought at Rough Trade Records. It was the closest thing he could find that sounded like these Punk Bands that he was playing to. Every time he played it, the crowd would go mental and lose their shit.
That 7'' was ''Im Stranded'' by a group from Brisbane Australia, called - The Saints.

We pretty much started Punk without even knowing it.
To me that is a quintessentially beautiful lesson for a lot of Australian music.

We often lose sight of just how good we really are.

This mix is dedicated to the Australian Punk and Garage Bands that provided a rich legacy of culture for this country without even knowing or trying at the time. These are songs and bands that need to be preserved and known about.


1. XL Capris - 'My City Of Sydney'
2. Razar - 'Stamp Out Disco'
3. The Victims - 'Television Addict'
4. The Saints - 'Erotic Neurotic'
5. The Fun Things - 'Lipstick'
6. X - 'I Don't Wanna Go Out'
7. Hunters & Collectors - 'The Slab'
8. Psychotic Turnbuckles - 'Groove To The Eye'
9. Johnny Kannis - 'Pushin Too Hard'
10. The Stems - 'Tears Me In Two'
11. The Lime Spiders - '25th Hour'
12. Screaming Tribesmen - 'My True Love's Blood'
13. Radio Birdman - 'Anglo Girl Desire'
14. The Sunny Boys - 'Alone With You'
15. The Saints - 'Story Of Love'

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dusty Fingers FBI 94.5 FM - 9th June

W / Special Guest - LIAM JUDSON.

Some of you might know Liam from Belles Will Ring fame/infamy.
He's also in the amazing band - Sister Jane. He'a also recently delved into the world of producing, the 1st of his fruits being Cloud Control's debut album - 'Bliss Release'.
Not a bad start huh? Liam came into guest host the show, i think the playlist speaks for itself.

1.Everybody Needs Somebody To Love - The Rolling Stones
2. Tiger Heart - The Frowning Clouds
3. Jack The Ripper - Link Wray
4. That Lovin Touch - Jimmy Crockett & The Shanes
5. Hate Street Dialogue - Rodriguez
6. Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind - Tame Impala
7. Merry Go Round - The Laurels
8. Hounds - Cabins
9. Loaded Gun - Fearless Vampire Killers
10. Requiem Pour Un Con - Serge Gainsbourg
11. I Can Feel Love - Fellis Taylor
12. Coming Down - The United States Of America
13. Love Song For The Dead Che - The United States Of America
14. An Elegy - Free Design
15. Foggy Notion - The Velvet Underground
16. I Don't Love You Anymore - The Young Rascals
17. Old Man's Back Again - Scott Walker
18. Come To The Village - Belles Will Ring
19. My Fear #2 - Cloud Control
20. Voice On The Wind (demo) - Belles Will Ring
21. Are You Enjoying Me More (But Enjoying Me Less)
- The Electric Prunes
22. Outter Suburbs Of The Soul - Sister Jane
23. Black Season - Belles Will Ring


Monday, July 5, 2010

Dusty Fingers FBI 94.5 FM - 2nd June

Special tribute to the late and dearly departed Missing Links Guitarist - Dave Boyne.

1. Prisencolinensinainciusol - Adriano Celentano
2. Another Man - Bo Didley
3. Bear Cat - Rufus Thomas
4. Shake Rock and Soul - Eddie Bo
5. Gorilla - The Ideals
6. Run, Run, Run - The Velvet Underground
7. Melvin - The Headcoatees
8. Hit The Road Jack - The Morloch
9. Time Will Come - The Toll Puddle Matyrs
10. Watch Out - The I.D
11. Wild About You - The Missing Links
12. Naughty Girl - The Missing Links
13. Come My Way - The Missing Links
14. Untrue - The Missing Links
15. So Far Away - The Missing Links
16. All The Kids - Deep Sea Arcade
17. The Coldest Heart - Belles Will Ring
18. Turn On Your Mind - The Laurels
19. Atomic Bombs Away - Blues Creation
20. Magic Potion - The Open Mind
21. Bundan Sonra - Selda
22. It's Not Meant To Be - Tame Impala
23. The Four Horsemen - Aphrodites Child
24. Just One Time - Juicy Lucy
25. 18 Years - Black Angels
26. The Moon - Cabins
27. 6=5 - Kill Devil Hills
28. Wisdom - Brian Jonestown Massacre
29. Shelter Of Your Arms - Greenhornes
30. Stone Folk - The Advancement
31. Charlies Theme - Jimi Entley Sound